Dates: July 9-22, 2024

Total cost: $3,400 - see below for scholarship opportunities!

Maximum registrants: only 14 can go! All ages welcome! 

Included: Air tickets from Chicago, Illinois (please contact us when flying from elsewhere), accommodation and meals, air and ground transportation in Thailand, purified water, pre-trip training, trained in CPR & First Aid, and experienced One Plus God staff accompanying you during the entire trip, and some awesome One Plus God merchandise.

Excluded: Travel to and from Chicago airport, meals at airports, snacks, extra drinks, souvenirs, fun day activities, and possible Covid tests.

Deposit: Non-refundable deposit of $400 is required for registration by March 10, 2024.

Fundraising: Within 5 business days of registration you will receive a link to an online giving page, which you can use to send to family, friends, and businesses to help you raise the necessary funds for your trip fee.

Questions: [email protected]

More detail will follow as we get closer to the trip.


This trip will start with awesome fellowship with the believers of Bible Church Thailand. 

After arrival in Bangkok you’ll go on a weekend trip to Pattaya, a lovely beach city, to spend time with mostly first generation believers from the Bible Church Thailand (BCT) church family. You’ll enjoy great fellowship, meals, fun activities, powerful spiritual messages and worship…and of course time at the beach!

Back in Bangkok (2 days) you'll witness and learn about typical Buddhist worship, spend time with the BCT team members, and also minister to college students at a mostly Buddhist and Muslim university, called SPU. 

You will then leave for 2 days to visit and minister with the BCT team at 2 new church locations, and a mostly Muslim/Buddhist elementary school in the ancient city of Ayutthaya! 

Finally your last weekend will be spent at the church in Bangkok where we will invite all the students from SPU that you made contact with, as well as students from another mostly Buddhist university, called RBAC, to join us for what is called an “English Camp” - here you will use English as an evangelism tool to have a fun day with the students while also having the opportunity to showcase your faith to them.

Of course we’ll make sure that you get to enjoy some fun activities too, like visiting a typical Thai weekend market, or playing with a tiger! 

Be ready for a Spirit-filled, meaningful, and fun trip!

While in Thailand you can expect to:

  • Have great fellowship with first-generation Christians, and missionaries who are laying it all on the line!
  • Experience the incredible Eastern culture of the world: You will taste, smell, and experience something completely new almost every day, as you visit different markets, landmarks, and people.
  • Be exposed to a spiritual darkness that will break your heart for the lost like never before, as you see people sacrificing to Buddha, bowing before Hindu gods, and worshiping idols and spirits.
  • Enjoy Christian worship, prayer, small groups, outreach and/or children ministry with Thai believers. You will become part of a ministry that will touch your heart, and change your life forever!

8 Scholarships - towards your Trip Fee OR your College Bill/Loan

8 Scholarships at $1,000 each are still available for this trip - register soon before they run out!

Thailand Scholarship Requirements:

  • Must be 17-30 years old at time of the trip.
  • Must be in college, or have the intention to go to college.
  • Must submit a written 1-page personal testimony including desire to share your faith in an email to [email protected] before the last trip payment is due.
  • You can choose to have this scholarship applied to your total owed for the trip, or you can also raise all your funds for your trip, and have your scholarship money be applied towards your college bill/loan.
    • If you wish to apply the scholarship to your total trip fee the discount only applies once you have paid everything up to $2,400.
    • If you wish to apply the scholarship to your college bill/loan you need to pay (or fundraise) the total trip fee first, and join the trip.     At completion of the trip the following applies if your scholarship needs to be payed out to your college bill/loan:
      • Provide proof of enrollment at College or University, to whom check should be payable to, and Address of Financial Aid office.
      • If you are a graduate from a College or University and have student loans, you must provide the Name and Address of your loan Institution, and any other information needed to pay your scholarship towards your loan amount. 
      • If you are currently not enrolled in college, and you have the intention to enroll, OPG will retain your scholarship for up to 3 years or up to age 30, whichever comes first. 
      • All scholarships will be paid out to Institutions, not individuals.
  • Disclaimer: One Plus God Ministries retains the right to forfeit the scholarship due to gross misconduct during the mission trip. 

Financial Schedule

DeadlineAmount Due

March 10, 2024$400
April 10, 2024$1,000
May 10, 2024$1,000
June 10, 2024$1,000

Registration Form

**Important: All flights depart from and return to Chicago, Illinois, unless otherwise noted. If you are traveling from elsewhere, please contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific travel needs. We want you to have a great mission trip experience with us and we are committed to helping you secure travel arrangements that work for you!

Important: It is the responsibility of registrant to obtain the required passport.  The US Dept. of State recommends that you apply for a new passport several months in advance of travel.  If you already have a passport, it should be valid for at least 6 months after you return home and should have 2 or more blank pages.  Otherwise, some countries may not let you enter.

If “yes” please complete the registration below with your names as it appears on your passport.

If “no” you may definitely continue with your registration and use your names as it will probably appear on your new passport (in other words in compliance with current legal documents such as drivers license, birth or marriage certificates). We will confirm with you later to make sure the names match up with what will be on your passport. Please apply without delay for you passport and let us know if you need help.

Mission Trip Policies

Before completing the registration process, please read and agree to our policy terms. We ask that you review these policies carefully to ensure that OPG’s Missions are a good match for you. Please review our policies below.

Your Financial Agreement

This Financial Schedule and the Policy Terms will be emailed to you with your Confirmation Email at the completion of this registration. Please print and save this information for your records.

Trip Insurance

Important: The basic coverage for this trip, as explained in the policies above, does not include trip cancellation insurance which can be a valuable benefit to you if you cannot travel due to unforeseen medical or other personal emergencies. Please contact this trusted service provider for additional insurance coverage if you feel necessary:

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